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Classroom Animal Bites Kit
Classroom Animal Bites Kit

Real animal teeth and jaw fragments, chosen to reflect the diversity of diet within the animal kingdom, will introduce kids to this facet of science in a very real and interesting way. Included are three samples from each of the major groups of animals (based on diet): herbivores - plant eaters, carnivores - meat eaters, and omnivores - they'll eat just about anything. Kids love having something so cool to look at and touch, and the pieces included will really get the point across. Included are teeth from nine different animals - each an excellent representative of it respective group. Lesson plans and exercises, also included, enable teachers or parents to easily carry out an efficient, exciting and thought provoking learning experience.


  • Includes teeth from 9 different animals - hippopotamus, beaver, mountain gorilla, coyote, alligator, African lion, human, grizzly bear and baboon
  • Also comes with classroom tested lesson plans and interactive exercises
List Price: $95.00
Price: $89.95


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