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Horrible Science Violent Volcanoes

Do you have an urge to learn more about volcanoes first-hand? The Violent Volcano kit from Horrible Science can help quench your burning desire. So much fun, you'll erupt with applause!


List Price: $25.95
Price: $23.94
Horrible Science Weird Worms

The Horrible Science Weird Worms Kit is all about worms.  Wiggling, wriggling, worms - get closer to them than you ever have before with the crazy experiments and gross facts in the Weird Worms kit from Horrible Science. Perfect for classroom, home school, or group classes, this also makes a unique and fun gag gift for gardners and fishermen!


List Price: $25.95
Price: $23.94

Kitchen Discoveries

Turn the kitchen into your very own science lab with the Kitchen Discoveries kit. The activity booklet takes you through 18 amazing experiments you can do in your own home!


List Price: $32.95
Price: $28.95
Magnetic Shapes

This Magnetic Shapes Playset comes with a variety of brightly colored, magnetized 'tiles' that can be arranged and rearranged into thousands of pictures on the magnetic tray.

List Price: $26.95
Price: $24.95

Magnetic Skeleton Maze

This Magnetic Skeleton is an entertaining maze that doubles as an educational map of the human body - perfect for the future doctor of your family who enjoys creative play!

List Price: $39.99
Price: $34.95
Outdoor Explorer

Take science into the great outdoors with the Outdoor Explorer! With 13 backyard activities to explore, it's sure to open up your eyes to the wonders of nature!


List Price: $32.95
Price: $28.95

Space, Stars, and Slimy Aliens

Take a star trek - of knowledge - with the Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens kit from Horrible Science. How big is the Solar System? Why can't we see the stars during the day? What makes a star light up like a giant Firefly? When you learn these answers you'll be spaced out!


List Price: $35.95
Price: $29.95
Spooky Stars

Are you illuminated enough to understand the stars themselves? You will be, with the Spooky Stars kit from Horrible Science, and its incredible star activities.


List Price: $25.95
Price: $23.94

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