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Jack in a Box

Get a soft, cheerful version of the classic Jack in a Box for your baby, and delight them over and over again with his surprise appearance.

List Price: $36.95
Price: $34.95
Jungle Fun Large Soft Book

Our Giant Soft Book is made with soft, floppy fun fabric - stays bright and vibrant, but also completely machine washable. Bring the fun of the jungle to your toddler!

List Price: $24.95
Price: $23.95

Jungle Pals Mobile

Entertain, amuse, or lull baby to sleep with the colorful fun Jungle Pals Mobile. Convenient design attaches anywhere, so you never have to be without your Jungle Pals.

List Price: $51.99
Price: $49.95
Jungle Pals Stroller Arch

Spice up your stroller with the entertaining Jungle Pals Stroller Arch. With four soft animal friends to discover, it's sure to make long stroller trips seem too short!

List Price: $44.95
Price: $42.95

Jungle Rollercoaster Table

This is practically a child magnet - children are always drawn to the bright colors and intricate mazes of bead coaster tracks in our Jungle Rollercoaster Table. This one's big enough for a party!

List Price: $319.99
Price: $299.99
Kitchen Discoveries

Turn the kitchen into your very own science lab with the Kitchen Discoveries kit. The activity booklet takes you through 18 amazing experiments you can do in your own home!


List Price: $32.95
Price: $28.95

Krazy Kars Cool Car Kits

Part of the Krazy Kars series, this Cool Car Kit comes with everything you need to make 2 blazing matchbox-sized cars. With 5 different kits, you can choose your favorite speedster!


List Price: $19.95
Price: $18.50
Krazy Kars Custom Racers

Get into NASCAR racing like never before - create your own matchbox-sized versions of your favorite racer's car, or get the custom kit and design your own!


List Price: $19.95
Price: $18.50

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