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Fleur Rollercoaster Table

The Fleur Rollercoaster table is so fun and entertaining, with colors and movement everywhere, that it makes a great and eye-appealing centerpiece to any play area.


List Price: $159.99
Price: $149.99
Floor Puzzle Matching Dominos

A large set of dominos cards - learn to play the traditional game of Dominos on the floor, use them to play counting and matching games, or turn them over for even more fun!


List Price: $29.95
Price: $24.95

Fossil Works

Get into fossils by making your own to study! The information booklet tells you all about some of the coolest parts of Earth's past, while the included supplies let you cast and paint four awesome fossils.


List Price: $19.50
Price: $17.50
Frog in the Box

This Frog in the Box is great, green, jumpy fun for your baby or toddler! Just lift the lift and your froggy friend pops up, again and again!

List Price: $36.95
Price: $34.95

Funny People Twister Panel

Another Busy Cube wall panel, the Funny People Twister is another great interactive toy for kids. They'll learn pattern matching and improve their logic skills while they have fun with these crazy characters!


List Price: $159.99
Price: $149.99
Geo Lastic Art

Explore geometrical shapes, letters, and numbers with this flexible Geo-Lastic Art board. Made with a series of cleverly paced pegs, you can make just about any shape by stretching the colorful elastic bands over them.

List Price: $39.95
Price: $34.95

Gyrobix Explorer

Explore mysterious magnetism with the Gyrobix Explorer. Once you set the Magnetic Spinning Wheel going along the track, see what cool tricks you can make it do!

List Price: $39.95
Price: $34.95
Horrible Science Blood Bones Body Bits

Focus on all the most disgusting functions of the body with the Blood, Bones, and Body Bits kit from Horrible Science. This kit has a ton of awful experiments in its Top Secret Lab Notebook, as well as the supplies you'll need to try them!


List Price: $40.00
Price: $38.95

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