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Classroom Fossilworks Kit

Continue your journey into the past with this installment of the Classroom Learning Series, Classroom Fossilworks Kit, and get a hands-on approach to fossils by actually casting your own!

List Price: $50.00
Price: $45.95
Classroom Human Traces Kit

No bones about it - the Classroom Human Traces Kit really gets down to details. Kids can use the plastic molds to make their own traces of human bones, then cut them out and assemble a complete skeleton!


List Price: $55.00
Price: $49.95

Construction Sand Play Table

The Construction Sand Play Table, complete with tools of the trade, is the perfect form of creative entertainment for the future contractor of your family!

List Price: $129.99
Price: $109.99
Deluxe Busy Cube

Get hours of fun and exploration out of this cube with five different activities in one great toy! The Deluxe Busy Cube offers the same fun in a more convenient smaller size than the previous version.

List Price: $299.99
Price: $249.95

Deluxe Mini Play Cube

Kids will want to spend hours playing with the many activities on the Deluxe Mini Play Cube! With five sides of fun, it's sure to be a hit.


List Price: $129.99
Price: $109.99
Dinoworks Dinosaur Kit

Learn what it's like to be a paleontologist first hand with the Dinoworks Dinosaur Kit! Start out in the field when you first get your dino bones - by casting your own - and follow the journey all the way to the museum.


List Price: $19.50
Price: $17.50

Earth Works Ocean Life Kits

Take a fascinating, educational, and creative look at the undersea world of ocean life with these Earthworks Kits. Choose your favorite ocean animal and dive in!


List Price: $19.50
Price: $17.50
Earth Works Space Exploration Kit

Blast off with Earthworks' Space Exploration Kit! Take that small step and unearth a giant treasure of information about space, complete with your own models of spacefaring vessels.


List Price: $19.50
Price: $17.50

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