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Fire Fighter Casting Kit

Get into the firefighting spirit with this awesome Cast & Paint kit featuring firefighters - it comes with everything you need to cast and paint four super-detailed firefighter models!


List Price: $19.50
Price: $17.50
Floor Puzzle Matching Dominos

A large set of dominos cards - learn to play the traditional game of Dominos on the floor, use them to play counting and matching games, or turn them over for even more fun!


List Price: $29.95
Price: $24.95

Folding Trampoline

This convenient Folding Trampoline lets your kids have fun anywhere, and safely too - it's the only one that is ASTM approved. Get it out for some fun and exercise, then fold it up and store it away until next time!

List Price: $136.99
Price: $124.95
Fossil Works

Get into fossils by making your own to study! The information booklet tells you all about some of the coolest parts of Earth's past, while the included supplies let you cast and paint four awesome fossils.


List Price: $19.50
Price: $17.50

Friendship Bracelet Factory

Let you creativity run free with the Friendship Bracelet Factory! The motorized unit makes beautiful braids with any kind of cord - yarn, embroidery floss, ribbon - anything you can think of!


List Price: $29.95
Price: $24.95
Geo Lastic Art

Explore geometrical shapes, letters, and numbers with this flexible Geo-Lastic Art board. Made with a series of cleverly paced pegs, you can make just about any shape by stretching the colorful elastic bands over them.

List Price: $39.95
Price: $34.95

Giant Magic Puzzle Ocean Explorers

Investigate hidden secrets in the Magic Ocean Explorers puzzle; magic patches are made with special heat-sensitive ink that only reveals its secrets at your touch!

List Price: $29.95
Price: $25.95
Hang Glider Action Figure

High flying adventures await with Chase from the Wild Ones Adventure Crew. Hang Glider has a wing span of 46 inches and can really fly with Chase on board, making this action figure a must-have for any young adventerer's collection!

List Price: $29.99
Price: $24.95

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