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Wild Ones Adventure Crew -  Deep Sea Treasure Submarine (Maximus)

Explore the deepest depths of the ocean with Maximus and his Deep Sea Treasure Submarine! He's got tools to find treasure, fight off dangerous sea creatures, and investigate secrets, and now all he needs is a good dive partner - you!


List Price: $31.49
Price: $27.95
Wild Ones Adventure Crew -  Mountain Bike Rider

Be Red Dogg's adventure buddy as he sets off for mountain exploration on his all-terrain mountain bike, with all the tools and equipment he needs to get it done and stay safe!


List Price: $21.49
Price: $19.99

Wild Ones Adventure Crew -  Rock Climber (Red Dogg)

On one of his bike rides, Red Dogg has come across an awesome mountainside that he just HAS to climb - and he's brought all the tool to do it!


List Price: $21.49
Price: $18.95
Wild Ones Adventure Crew -  Snowmobiler (Red Dogg)

Red Dogg is back again, and this time, he's dressed for a cold weather expedition - and his snowmobile will take him as far as he wants to go.


List Price: $26.49
Price: $24.95

Wild Ones Adventure Crew - ATV Rider (Wolf Brat)

Join the Adventure Crew with Wolf Brat and his awesome all-terrain vehicle. There's nowhere Wolf Brat can't go with his rugged ATV and adventure equipment!


List Price: $26.49
Price: $24.94
Wild Ones Adventure Team

The Wild Ones Adventure Crew is ready for action! Join Wolf Brat, Maximus, Chase and Red Dogg for hours of adventures in this complete set. A great gift for adventurer lovers, the team comes with all their accessories, including the snow mobile, hang glider and submarine!

List Price: $112.99
Price: $95.95

Wizard's Cave Glow Puzzle

Feel the magic in the air as you assemble this large puzzle, showing a Wizard at work in his lair - then shut off the lights and actually SEE the magic!


List Price: $29.95
Price: $25.95
Wooden Train Set 145 pieces

The Wooden Train Set 145 Pieces is a toy set that will capture the imagination of children for hours, and maybe inspire a future railroad operator or conductor.

List Price: $209.98
Price: $174.95

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